Monday, September 15, 2014

I'm going to spill the beans!

I have been through quite a ride. I started this blog a few years ago and I was using it as a place to record some of the "experiences" I was having. I had questions about some of these experiences and tried to look for the answers. I kept having to reevaluate everything I was believing over and over again. I'd stumble onto some scripture in the Bible and be thrown back 1000 years, metaphorically, of course and lose myself in frustration and anger for a while. I'd pick myself up, wash my face of the anger and regroup to untangle the knots...again.
I was inspired by what I could not explain but was also no doubt happening to me. Some people would call them "UFO abductions", contact or whatever but it was happening to me. Somewhere along the line I began to lose trust in what ever this was and had some rather fierce questions that I wanted concrete answers to, if I didn't get the answer that was correct, I'd carpet bomb it all. With me its all in or all out, I'm not a half way kinda guy. I don't play the donkey carrot game, either your reveal it all to me, answer all my questions or get out of my face like its your new job.
Needless to say, I didn't like the answers I was getting and my very soul was baring witness to the truth they were trying to get me to deny.

After much prayer and crying out I began to get the REAL answers. This was harder than most could ever realize. When a pig is born in a wallow, stinking and flea bitten, he has no idea how his life COULD be only how it is. He may not even know that its that bad because he has nothing to compare it to, that was me. Born a Catholic and raised to worship GOD a certain way, I had nothing to root me in truth. The whole tree was corrupt because it was not in the right soil. Every single leaf was garbage because it came from bunk stock. I could blame people till I'm blue in the face, there is plenty of blame to go around but that's not going to get us home.
I lived in every facet of life trying to find the truth, I denied the Catholic religion almost out of pure principal and went searching. Its hard growing up, with all the various challenges and also having the heavy burden on you, knowing that you have to find the truth in a sea of lies. I have recently been blessed with an informational download, Praise GOD, the father of CHRIST for that.
I am going to be busy telling all the secrets and how it all works. I'm going to incorporate video and blog to get this ministry out and I hope that it gets to the eyes and ears that it needs to. I'm going to make this very simple and easy for anyone to understand. Please stand by.