Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The scales fell from my eyes

How would you like to be in your mid 40's when you find out that most of the things you thought were wrong? How about finding out that you're a player in a game that you didn't even know you were playing?

What if you woke up and began taking seriously things that you'd heard about all your life but never had a reason to take them seriously? Or you had an experience so ground shaking and so soul moving that it FORCED you to confront a darkness that was not just there but that you would find out later, you were wearing like a cape? It was not only always there but it was always hoping that you'd never notice, that you'd take its hints, prompts and suggestions as second nature, even believing that the were you OWN thoughts..but inwardly knowing all along that 'something' is doing this.

Unless it happens to you, you'll never know. You'll go on thinking that naughty side of you is just a natural thing, that its normal and if you listen to the average 'therapist', its 'healthy'. Knowing what I know, there is nothing 'normal' or healthy about the dark 'side' of you. For some people, this side takes on a whole host of attributes and characters because, as I found out later, it is just that...a whole HOST of them..various entities, spirits and energies. More on that part later.

For now...I'll just start at the beginning and I'll start that tomorrow. Just know that...